Security & Close Protection,London

AClass Executives provides close protection for business people, celebrities and families in London and internationally. Due to our vast experience we know different people will require different needs and have looked after some of the most high profile individuals and high net worth families in the world.
We treat every service in its own unique way. Whether there is a real security threat to you or your family, or should you require assistance in your day to day life that goes above and beyond security, AClass will provide you with a tailored service and adapt our approach to fit in with your needs.

Types of services

As we have tremendous experience in tour management, celebrity protection, family protection and asset protection, we believe it is critical to operate symbiotically with clients and their representatives as all of our main objectives are the same in ensuring the client is happy.

We provide:
  • Personal Protection
  • Middle Eastern Royality security
  • Executive Chauffeuring
  • Media consultancy & security
  • Private Jet & Yacht Chartering
  • Asset Protection
  • Residential Security
  • Celebrity & VIP protection

Security measures can be undertaken dependent upon a threat and risk assessment by a security consultant. Whilst providing security, we still place expectations on our close protection operatives to ensure that our client’s day to day plans are smooth and flow with as little interruption as possible with extensive planning and preparation for every single task.


Guaranteed Quality and Precision

All our close protection operatives come from British military and police background. They are considered one of the best in the world with tremendous experience in the country and abroad. They all are fully licensed with the Security Industry Authority(SIA).

Call or email us to discuss your bespoke requirements as all correspondence is kept confidential.